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When it comes to water, Western is strictly BYOB

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Western recently became the state’s largest college or university to end the sale of bottled water on its campus.

The ban on bottled water was the culmination of a student-led effort in the name of sustainability and social justice. When students held an advisory vote in 2012, 73 percent favored ending the sales.

“Bottled water and water privatization is detrimental to the environment and to human rights to water. It simply doesn’t make sense in a region where we have clean, amazing tap water,” says Carolyn Bowie, a member of Students for Sustainable Water at Western.

The ban affects only bottled water without flavor, carbonation or other additives.

Students, faculty and staff who bring their own bottles can fill them at the water bottle refilling stations around campus – which were funded by another student initiative, the Green Energy Fee.