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Western Legacy Family of the Year

Jones–Dickerson–Macmillan–May Family

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Bert Jones, third from the right on the bottom row, was a member of Western’s 1912 football team and the patriarch of a five-generation WWU family. Years later, Jones told his son about how he sneaked up Sehome Hill as a student to spy on sunbathers on the roof of the women’s-only Edens Hall. The ladies wore “what now would not be considered skimpy attire,” says Jerry May (‘66), Jones’ grandson. | Photo by
Lillian (Jones) Dickerson (‘36) in 1934. | Photo by
Marilee Pilkey (‘67), right, met her husband, Stan Pilkey (‘68) at Western. At least four married couples in this five-generation Viking family met at Western. | Photo by
Laurel (May) Kelly celebrated her 1995 graduation with father, Jerry May (‘66) | Photo by
Derek Dickerson, a promising freshman on Western’s Men’s Basketball Team, is a fifth-generation Viking. | Photo by

The Jones-Dickerson-Macmillan-May family’s history with Western goes back almost as far as Western’s history itself. In 1914, George Bertram “Bert” Jones graduated from what was then Washington State Normal School. Bert Jones played varsity football and baseball; he later married and was a successful farmer in Marietta.

Since then, five generations of the family have attended WWU, says Bert Jones’ grandson, Jerry R. May (’66). The family and Western have collaborated to produce about 41 Vikings, from Bert Jones’ daughter Lillian (Jones) Dickerson (’36), a three-time graduate in her 90s, to current student Derek Dickerson. One Peace Corps volunteer, three college professors and at least four marriages have all gotten their starts at Western.

The family includes:

John A. Jones, who attended Western in the mid-’50s then transferred to the University of Washington. He taught in Western’s Speech Department in the early ’60s and is a Communication professor at the University of Illinois, Chicago.

Jim Macmillan (’64), who taught briefly at Western and became a Chemistry professor at the University of Northern Iowa.

Marcia (Dickerson) DeLorme (’59), wife of the late Larry DeLorme, former WWU provost.

Jerry R. May (’66), a retired clinical psychologist and associate dean and professor of the School of Medicine, University of Nevada, Reno. May, a WWU 1993 Distinguished Alumnus, also worked with Olympic and professional athletes as a sports psychologist for 30 years.

Marilee (Dickerson) Pilkey (’67), a Mercer Island teacher who met her husband, Stan Pilkey (’68), at Western. Their son, Chris Pilkey, graduated in ’04.

Rosemary (Macmillan) Meyers (’68), who met her husband, Norman Meyers, in a Chemistry class.

Tim and Kari Dickerson (both ’90), whose son, Derek, is now a WWU freshman. Tim is an agent/principal for Rice Insurance LLC in Bellingham, where Kari works part-time while raising their four children.

Laurel (May) Kelly (’95), a Peace Corps alumna, now a health educator at Eastern Washington University. Several years after graduation, fellow Viking Mason Burley (’95) recognized Kelly in a Spokane newspaper and called her to catch up. They’re now married and raising four children.

Scott Tuck (’96), whose mother Colleen (May) Tuck attended in the ’60s. Scott Tuck is a planning and program manager for Universal Aerospace in Arlington. His wife is Aimee (Sorenson) Tuck (’97), a graphic designer. Scott’s brother, Blair Tuck (’98), is a manufacturing sales representative.

Danielle Morgan (’99), now at film school at New York University, whose mother was the late Leslie (May) Morgan (’70). Danielle Morgan recently learned that she and her uncle, Jerry May, lived at the same Garden Street house at Western.