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Sunset lights up south campus

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Jon Bergman

Jon Bergman (‘10), an intern in WWU’s Office of University Communications, had just finished editing his photographs of the Academic Instructional Center when he found the sky erupting over the south end of campus.

“I knew I needed to get a photo of this because any sunlight in Bellingham is rare this time of year, so I wanted proof that it still exists,” says Bergman, a Visual Journalism graduate. He used a tripod and a long exposure to capture the Academic Instructional Center and Bruce Nauman’s “Stadium Piece” sculpture in the foreground.

“I was only able to get three shots before the light changed and the scene disappeared,” Bergman says.

A Bozeman, Mont., native, Bergman got hooked on photography at age 9 while taking pictures on a family trip to Disney World. After devouring photography classes in high school, he earned his bachelors’ degree in Fine Art Photography from Montana State University. Intent on launching a career in photojournalism, he moved his young family to Bellingham to earn a postbaccalaureate degree at Western. He graduated March 20 and plans to pursue a career in sports photography.

“The risk of moving away from a steady income and comfortable life in my hometown has finally paid off,” Bergman says. “I hope my luck continues.”