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We asked; you answered

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Did you get an invitation from Window magazine earlier this year, asking for your opinion about Western Washington University's magazine? We surveyed many of you to find out

what you like about Window and how we can improve.

Your responses, hundreds of them, inspired and challenged us.

We learned that Window magazine gives more than 75 percent of you a stronger feeling of connection to Western. We also learned that about 80 percent of you, including younger readers, want to receive Window in a print format. That includes about 23 percent who want to read Window online ( in addition to the print format.

Meanwhile, more than two-thirds of you called us "good" or "excellent" in areas such as writing, photography, content and design. We're gratified that we meet the high expectations of so many readers, but we'll continue to challenge ourselves to win over the rest of you.

Finally, here are some of your thoughts about what you like about Window magazine:

Want to go paperless? Our recent readership survey

shows that about 20 percent of

you would prefer to read Window

only online. If you're one of them,

let us know. We'll remove

you from the Window address list

and send you an email when the

new edition is online.

"The photography is beautiful. The articles are good and improving with each issue."

"Seeing that the school I attended is still doing exciting things. It makes me proud to have graduated from Western."

"Fairly sophisticated publication - makes me feel good about my child going to Western."

"That it is the occasional 'Hi' and update that I don't have to seek out. It's mailed to my house and I can pick it up and read it when I have time."

"Gives me a great sense of pride to have attended/

graduated from the university and provides incentive to speak highly of the institution and its programs."

"Literally, a window on the world my daughter inhabits."

If you were one of the hundreds who responded to our survey, thank you for helping us improve Window. And if you haven't yet been asked for your opinion, watch your email inbox - you may get your chance! We plan to offer our anonymous survey again soon.